Renault Eurodrive - ECO2

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Renault eco2

Renault launched the Renault eco2 signature in May 2007 to identify its most ecological and economical vehicles.

The signature reflects Renault's aim to inform customers of the environmental progress it has made across the vehicle life cycle in the last 10 years. Renault eco2 vehicles fulfill three ecological criteria in production, CO2 emissions and recycling.

Production: ISO 14001 plants

Renault eco2 vehicles are produced at ISO 14001-certified plants. This standard rewards the progress made by manufacturing sites in reducing water and energy consumption and in cutting waste production and atmospheric and noise emissions.

CO2 emissions: less than 140 g/km

Renault eco2 vehicles emit less than 140 g/km of CO2. Some Renault eco2 vehicles can run on biofuels, made from plant matter.

Vehicles containing recycled plastic

Renault eco2 vehicles have to contain at least 5% recycled plastic. They are also designed so that 95% of their mass can be recovered at end-of-life, and thus begin a second existence.