Renault Eurodrive


Delivery & Return Procedures

Picking up your car

Upon arrival, If you plan to and pick up the car on arrival and have supplied your flight details, simply call the depot with the phone number provided in the Travel Booklet when you arrive at the airport. We strongly suggest you make an appointment and/or supply your flight details when you book your car.

Pick up procedure
When picking up your vehicle please present:

  • your passport (or identity card);
  • a copy of your Renault Eurodrive contract.

Your spouse, partner or a family member may also pick-up the car and drive it, providing they present an authorised document, present a certificate proving the relationship or a sworn statement of partnership with your signature.

You will be presented with several items:

  • vehicle registration papers;
  • a European accident report with instructions;
  • an insurance certificate;
  • an insurance assistance booklet;
  • two key (or cards) for the vehicle; and
  • a safety kit (fluorescent vest + a warning triangle).

Returning your car

Drop off procedure
Customers are required to call their return centre three business days before the scheduled drop-off date. All the information you need will be supplied during this call. You will be expected no later than 30 minutes after the arranged time.

If you need to change the drop off time
Let your return centre know as soon as possible about any change in drop-off times, so that your local correspondent can welcome you in the best conditions.

If you need to change the drop off location
To return your car to a different centre from pick-up, contact the centre of your choice no later than three business days before return date. You will be billed for return fees outside France not settled when making your order.

If you return your vehicle to a location different to the one you booked and paid for, you will be charged the full return location fee.

Abandoning the vehicle
Abandoning the vehicle outside the registered pick-up centers will be charged EUR400 in France and EUR600 out of France.

You are required to return the following items:

  • Your vehicle
  • The two keys (or cards) for the vehicle
  • Registration and drop-off papers
  • Warranty booklet and user's guide
  • Safety kit (fluorescent vest + warning triangle)
  • In case of accident, a completed European accident report

Important Information

Arrival Times
If you change your flight, train or arrival date and time, please contact our pick-up centre as quickly as possible so that we can welcome you in the best possible conditions.

Attention Drivers
Drivers must be at least 18 years old and possess a driving license valid for use in the countries visited.

Getting There
Please check the practical information concerning your return centre in the Delivery and Return centre section of this website.

Additional Costs
You will be billed for any missing items on return (documents mentioned above, keys or cards, vehicle equipment).

You will be charged fees for not returning the vehicle to a Renault Eurodrive centre.

If you return the vehicle late (after the date mentioned on your contract), an extension fee will be charged.